How Nory’s customer support team helps restaurants to thrive 

How Nory’s customer support team helps restaurants to thrive 

Reduction in cost of labour %


Reduction in food waste

UP TO 50%

Time saved monthly


Find out how Nory’s customer-first approach helps restaurants streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase profits! 

Adopting new technology isn’t easy for hospitality businesses. Rolling out a new system and integrating different platforms can cause major hold-ups in daily operations. 

But there’s a reason 75% of restaurants planned to adopt technology in 2023 — the benefits are incredible. 

We’re talking: reducing administrative overheads, optimising inventory, enhancing labour efficiency, and boosting profits through data-driven insights

Take a look at some of our success stories to see for yourself! 

So what’s the key to success? How can you overcome these challenges and reap the benefits of restaurant technology? 

Working with a supportive tech partner is a good place to start — and this is where we can help! 

“The level of service we’ve received from Nory has made implementing the system so much easier. Whenever we have questions, we get quick and helpful responses from the team.”

Kallie Kocourek, Vice President of the UK Market at Roasting Plant Coffee

Keep reading to find out how our unique approach to customer service can help your business grow, maximising technology to its full potential to get the best possible results. 

The Nory difference

When it comes to our customers, we go the extra mile — not just to implement the technology, but to find and solve problems within your business. 

Our team of experts takes the time to get to know you, your operation, your needs, and your goals. We’ll help you find areas of improvement and overcome hurdles, creating long-term solutions and sustainable practices that help your business thrive. ✨

I understand the pain of trying to launch and use new technology in a restaurant — I’ve been there myself. And without sufficient support, it becomes 10 times harder to do it successfully. That’s why end-to-end customer support is so important to us. 

The better support we provide our customers, the more chance they have of using Nory to its full potential. And when they can use the system effectively, they can make informed decisions to grow their business.”

Conor Sheridan, CEO & Founder, Nory

Onboarding done by us, not you

Worried about the onboarding process with a new technology? We’re not surprised, given the trouble that can come from integrating a new system. Aligning different systems, figuring out how to use new software, and ensuring data remains secure are a few of the challenges that spring to mind. 

Nory supporting a restaurant owner with their technology

At Nory, we streamline the entire onboarding process. You can quickly adopt and integrate the platform into your existing operations, and we’ll be with you every step of the way to ensure success.

“There was a real feeling that the Nory team wanted to get us up and running quickly. Not so that they completed their job, but so that we could start seeing the benefits. They didn’t just give us a tool, they provided us with the training to leverage it properly and run a more efficient business.”

George Hartshorn, Food and Beverage Director at Hartshorn–Hook

Is something not going to plan? We’ll sort it. Have you got a question? We’ll answer it. Whatever you need, our dedicated team is on hand to help. 

Ongoing support and optimisation, because training isn’t a one-time thing

So you’re onboarded with Nory. Congrats! But what now? Do we disappear into the ether, forcing you to fend for yourself?! 

Nope, we’re not going anywhere. You can’t get rid of us that easily. 😎

We like to take a proactive approach with our customers. This means having regular check-ins, conducting performance reviews, and continually optimising the system to give you the best results. 

Simply put, we do whatever we can to ensure our system is providing you with the information you need, when you need it. And if there’s something you want or if you have any questions, you can reach out to customer support or your account manager anytime. 

Adam Jefferies, Head of Operations at Clean Kitchen, found our support incredibly valuable. 

Having quick responses from us made it easy to get support as and when he needed it most, helping him make the most of our technology and yield the best possible results. In fact, Clean Kitchen managed to boost gross profits by 4% with our support. 

“The team was really supportive. Being able to just drop a note anytime I needed it and jump on the call immediately was great. It was good to get that sort of flexibility from the Nory team”

Adam Jefferies, Head of Operations at Clean Kitchen.

We’ll also keep working with you pretty closely to identify opportunities for improvement and growth. If we see something that’ll help your business grow or increase your margins, we’ll let you know. 

Partners in your growth journeying for long-term success

When we partner with a restaurant, we’re not just looking at short-term wins. We foster long-term partnerships with our customers, which helps us better understand what you want to achieve and how we can help you do it. 

Griolladh employee wearing a paper bag on her head with her tongue out

We want to help your business grow. The better we know you and the longer we work together, the more chance we have of helping you overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and drive profitability.

Take a look at Griolladh for example. We’ve been working together since the business began back in 2020. Now, we’re helping them franchise into new locations, growing their business by 3x.

“Nory has been with us every step of the way. It’s been incredibly helpful to the business, and has played a pivotal role in the successful franchising of Griolladh.” – Jacob Long, Co-founder at Griolladh.

Work with Nory and get solid support every step of the way

Supporting our customers is one of our top priorities. Why? Because we know that the more support we provide, the more you can use Nory to its full potential. This means improving your inventory management, optimising your labour scheduling, and cutting costs across the board to increase profits in real-time. 

“Putting it simply, our customer’s success is our success. In an ever increasing game of fine margins, we’re here to help operators thrive. Our secret sauce in that battle is our Customer Success Team – predominantly coming from industry, they understand the nuances in different operations, and can work with our customers to drive the results they need through Nory.”

Stephen Mannion, Head of Customer Success at Nory

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