Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Fatten margins, reduce waste & simplify your supply chain.

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Inventory & Supply Chain made easy

We're operators, we understand orders are placed after a busy shift, waste is tracked in a noisy kitchen, and suppliers are difficult to deal with. That's why we've built Nory the way we have. To make things easy.

AI predicted ordering & food prep

Nory’s AI predicts your inventory usage days in advance and creates accurate order guides and prep lists for your teams.

Say goodbye to static par levels and gut-based prep work.

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AI predicted ordering & prep

Real-time Gross Profit & waste tracking

Get access to real-time Gross Profit and waste analysis.

Use Nory’s smart insights to crush those unaccounted waste levels.

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Real-time profitability & waste tracking

Integrated supplier management

Connect directly to your suppliers via EDI.

Get access to live product catalogues, pricing updates and stock outs. It’s time to make procurement easy for your teams.

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Integrated vendor & CPU management

Automated deliveries, invoicing & accounts payable

Nory is fully integrated from supplier ordering to your accounting systems.

Remove the need for paper delivery dockets, invoices or credit notes. With just one click update stock levels and post data to accounts.

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Automated deliveries, invoicing & accounts payable

Smart menu engineering

Set Gross Profit % targets on a menu or dish level and receive alerts when vendor price changes impact your profitability.

Keep that GP% tight!

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Nory Menu Recipes

AI-Powered Central Production Kitchens

Using a CPK? If so, you need to be using Nory’s AI powered CPK.

Nory’s AI creates automated production schedules for CPK teams based on all your venues predicted sales and live stock at hand. With one click batches are produced, packaged and sent to venues.

The entire process from production to picking and fulfilment is managed seamlessly in Nory. It is guaranteed to make managing your CPK 10x easier than today.

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Stock management never looked so good


Reduction in unaccounted waste

£500 - £2,500

Weekly credit note savings

<1 min

Avg order takes less than 1 minute to place