Inventory management

End to end inventory management that will fatten your margins and reduce waste.

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Product features

  • Predictive ordering & usage for the win

    Nory’s AI predicts your inventory usage days in advance and creates accurate order guides and prep lists for your teams.

    Say goodbye to static par levels and gut based prep work.

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  • Real time profitability & waste tracking

    Get access to real time Gross Profit and Waste analysis.

    Use Nory’s smart counting and stock warnings to crush those unaccounted waste levels.

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  • Automated invoice & vendor management

    Deliveries made easy. Snap a photo and instantly update your data from inventory levels to accounting.

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  • Centralised inventory & recipe management

    Set GP% targets on a menu or dish level and receive alerts when vendor price changes impact your profitability. Keep that GP% tight!

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Stock management never looked so good.

  • Automated ordering & prep guides

  • Paperless vendor management

  • Smart counting & recipe costing

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More ways we can help!

  • Performance

    Nory's AI monitors your performance 24/7. We guide your teams to make the best decisions daily to improve your profitability.

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  • Workforce

    From mobile onboarding to smart scheduling & payroll. Take the effort out of compliance and engagement.

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