Roasting Plant Coffee cuts labour costs by 18% in just two months with Nory

Roasting Plant Coffee cuts labour costs by 18% in just two months with Nory





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Roasting Plant is a coffee shop that provides customers with the freshest coffee by grinding and roasting the beans in-house. 

It began in 2007 when Mike Caswell created the Javabot™ in his garage to shorten the distance between the roaster and the cup. The result? Stronger aromas, better flavours, and a superior coffee experience! 

Today, Roasting Plant serves coffee lovers around the world, operating in locations throughout London and across the US. However, as the business grew and opened new locations, the team found themselves facing hurdles with efficiency and labour management. 


The main challenge for Roasting Plant was managing its workforce efficiently. 

Using Excel spreadsheets to create rotas and handle payroll wasn’t working, causing management to spend hours on manual data entry. It was almost impossible for them to figure out how to optimise labour scheduling. 

Simply put, they were lacking an intuitive way to manage schedules in line with customer demand. They needed a centralised scheduling system to align rotas with customer demand and improve their bottom line. 

Roasting Plant Coffee cuts labour costs with Nory


Roasting Plant now uses Nory for its restaurant workforce management. No more Excel spreadsheets or manual data consolidation — it’s all centralised in a single platform! They can see real-time data to create optimised schedules for their workforce, avoiding overstaffing to minimise costs and increase profits—as well as saving a lot of time. 

I can see where our general managers are saving a huge amount of time making their rotas. It frees up their time to focus on other crucial aspects of their role. 

Kallie Kocourek, Vice President of the UK Market

Since implementing Nory’s integrated workforce solution, Roasting Plant has been able to drive huge improvements in efficiency: reducing cost of labour by 18% in just two months. 

And a huge contributor to their reduced cost of labour? Improved sales forecasting

Nory allows Roasting Plant to predict future sales to within 2.8% accuracy. They can make sure they have the right staff in place to deal with demand, reducing unnecessary labour costs in the process. 

Nory’s support and guidance also plays a critical role in their success. From initial implementation and weekly calls to ongoing support and training, the team is on hand to support the Roasting Plant with whatever they need. 

As a result, the general managers are confident with the system. They can analyse data to make quick and informed decisions about how to improve the business. And if they have questions? They can reach out to Nory to get more information or bring it up during their weekly catch-up calls. 

It’s been an absolute dream working with Nory. The support we get is incredible, which helps us get the most out of the product.

Kallie Kocourek, Vice President of the UK Market

So, what’s in store for the future of Roasting Plant? 

Right now, they’re focussed on completing the implementation of Nory’s inventory management system—which will enable them to reduce waste and simplify their supply chain. 

The team has big plans to continue bringing freshly roasted coffee to the masses. They have ambitious expansion plans across the UK and US within the next 5 years.

Nory will be there every step of the way, helping the business standardise processes and refine scheduling for its growing workforce.