Workforce Management & HR

Seamlessly onboard, engage & reward your people.

Workforce Management Hero


Your ticket to a high performing team

We know that finding, developing, and retaining awesome talent is the number one priority for every great hospitality business. Now you've got the tools to do it.

The right people at the right times with AI scheduling

Effortlessly maintain optimal staffing levels and smooth operations with our AI-powered scheduling.

Nory intelligently matches staff capability, availability, and contracts to forecasted demand and labour % budgets to ensure the right people are in the right place at the right times.

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Demand-based scheduling

Real-time labour & productivity tracking

Nory provides real-time labour spend and productivity insights.

Get guidance on projected labour cost trends, productivity metrics, and cost adherence. Meaning you’re always one step ahead of the curve in managing margins.

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Real-time labour & productivity tracking

Level up your HR operations

Whether it’s robust people and engagement insights or managing performance reviews and employee entitlements.

Nory is designed to make sure you give your HR teams superpowers.

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Execute payroll & HR tasks

Digitise the employee experience

Whether it’s mobile-first onboarding, communications and entitlement tracking or managing benefits, shift swaps and time-off.

Give your team the tools and experience they expect from a modern restaurant brand.

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Boost team engagement & retention

Labour turnover rates are high industry wide, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Lean into Nory to set LTO targets, pulse teams for feedback, and gather insights into how and why your teams are leaving.

Successful restaurant brands are built on awesome front line teams, it’s time to retain yours.

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team engagement & retention

Make payroll magic

Nory offers fully managed payroll services through our internal HR and payroll bureau.

We manage the entire process from employee registration to payment processing, pension contribution and query management.

Less friction, lower costs and a better experience for your team. What more could you ask for?

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It's time to automate your Tip management

Is your team spending hours on tip or tronc management each week? Do your front-line teams have a lack of visibility on what tips their due? Do you worry if your approach to tip management is compliant with local laws?

Well worry no more! Nory automates your tip management from customer payment to payroll processing.

It’s fair, fast and transparent.



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Automated Tip Management

Changing the game for hospitality workforces

~10 - 25%

Reduction in Cost of Labour

+10 - 30%

Increase in labour productivity

<2 mins

To hire & fully onboard a new team member