Financing Built for Restaurants

Nory Capital is the fastest financing solution for restaurant businesses. Access up to £2m in less than 24 hours.

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It’s grow-time!

In order to grow your business, you need money. With Nory Capital, you can secure fast, flexible financing to fuel your growth and take your restaurant business to the next level. Whether it’s new venues, new equipment or new technology, we’ve got you covered!

Say Goodbye to Dealing with Banks

Waiting months for a loan approval is a thing of the past. Nory Capital gives you the green light in just 24 hours, with an 85% acceptance rate. Secure loans from £1,000 to £2million, empowering you to seize growth opportunities the moment they arise.

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Preserve Cash Flow with Flexible Repayment Options

We understand the unique financial challenges restaurant businesses face. That’s why Nory Capital offers repayment plans that work for you. Choose between fixed monthly payments or a percentage of your daily sales, so that you only pay back what your business can comfortably afford.


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Complete the Entire Process Online in Minutes

Say goodbye to complicated paperwork and endless back-and-forth. With Nory Capital’s user-friendly online portal, powered by YouLend, you can complete your funding application in under 5 minutes. Review offers, accept terms, and track your financing all in one place. 

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Why Nory Capital?

Fast funding approval in just 24 hours

Financing available from £1,000 - £2,000,000

Flexible repayment plans that mirror your cash flow

Financing for businesses of all sizes and funding needs


How long does it take to get approved for funding through Nory Capital?

Most applications receive a decision within 24 hours, with some even getting instant offers. Once you accept an offer, funds will be in your account within 1-5 business days.

What can I use Nory Capital funding for?

Nory Capital provides holistic funding solutions for your restaurant. In addition to typical capital investments like refits and new locations, you can secure financing for new equipment, day-to-day expenses, and other areas that will drive your restaurant’s growth.

How much funding can I get through Nory Capital?

Nory Capital offers loans of up to £1.3 million (£2 million exposure) to restaurant businesses. The amount you qualify for will depend on your restaurant’s specific needs and financial situation.

What are the interest rates for Nory Capital loans?

Nory Capital offers competitive interest rates starting as low as 5%. The exact rate for your loan will be determined based on your application and credit profile.

Is Nory Capital suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes! Whether you’re a small-medium sized restaurant looking to refit your existing location or a mid-market enterprise with plans to franchise, Nory Capital has financing solutions tailored to your needs. We work with restaurants of all shapes and sizes to provide the funding they need to succeed.

How long are the payment terms?

That’s up to you. You can decide how long your payment term is and how much you want to pay each month. Repayment is usually taken as a small percentage of your daily card sales, adjusted according to your cash flow without any extra fee or charge. On days without sales, you will not repay anything. However, you can always make a one-off payment, free of charge, if you would like to.

Who does Nory work with in order to provide funding?

Nory Capital is powered by YouLend, an established global embedded financing platform for many of the world’s top companies such as Amazon, Mollie and Just Eat To date, YouLend has extended financing more than 150,000 times across the UK, Europe, and the US.