AI-Powered Business Intelligence

AI that guides restaurant teams to run a successful business. Nory’s AI learns how your restaurants operate to help forecast sales, plan labour deployment & inventory usage.

Performance Management Hero


Data Driven Operations

Nory's AI works 24/7 to ensure your business is performing at its best. No more financial shocks or uncertainty, just peace of mind.

Real-time performance insights

Nory provides 360° insights on your business performance.

We consolidate all of your key operational KPI’s into one platform. You’ll get real-time access to data like Sales vs Forecast, COGs, Labour vs Budget, Staff LTO or Food Waste.

Whether you are a CFO or Line Chef, Nory gives you the mission critical data you need when you need it.

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Automated & real-time insights

Accurately forecast & plan demand

Stay ahead of the curve with Nory’s AI demand forecasting. Controlling your costs starts with accurate forecasting.

Nory predicts hourly sales for each venue within 90-95% accuracy. This accuracy gives you complete certainty in planning the rest of your daily operations.


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Accurately forecast demand

Increase profitability & productivity

Not just a pretty face. Nory transforms rich data insights into operational recommendations for front-line teams like what to order/prep each day, or who to schedule and when.

Our AI is always on and always analysing your business performance. Nory makes sure each venue is data driven and performing to its best.

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Increase team focus & productivity

Live P&L reporting

Nory provides a live P&L for each venue.

No need to wait until next month to see your true financial performance. Your teams now have complete confidence in the operational decisions and the financial impact they are having in real-time.

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Restaurant Flash P&L report

Supercharge your team's decision making

Nory’s AI safeguards financial performance. Irrespective of the experience or skill level of the teams in your restaurant, Nory will empower them to make the best operational decisions each day.

We give you peace of mind that your business and your margins are being looked after.

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AI driven consistency

Consistent performance + consistent margins = success


Real-time sales update


Sales forecast accuracy