Nory was created with a singular mission;

To grow the restaurant industry.

Operating a restaurant is a game of tight margins, high stress, and spinning plates (pun very much intended). Too often, the name above the corner cafe changes or your favourite high street brand disappears too quickly.

Nory’s here to change that. We’ve created a platform that can help businesses of all sizes not just survive – but thrive. Success for us is more restaurant venues, more job opportunities and ultimately more happy customers.

We know what it takes to be successful in this industry. Our CEO Conor founded and scaled one of the fastest growing restaurant groups in Ireland. Having felt the pain of hacking together a mix of ‘market leading’ restaurant management systems, spreadsheets, and paper print outs. He set out to build the technology partner he wished he had from Day 1 – Nory.

Not another glorified spreadsheet to do the busy work on, but a product built for speed, scale, and ultimately success. A product that has the intelligence and usability to really make a difference at the restaurant level, to work with teams and help them to make better decisions to get the most out of their businesses.

But best of all, to give them their precious time back to focus on what matters… their customers and the awesome experiences they create.

Our mission is to revolutionise how restaurants are run around the world. To be a part of a team that is striving to make such a positive impact on millions of people, now that’s worth jumping out of bed for!

Conor Sheridan

Founder & CEO