Nory Pay: the automated payroll solution

Nory automates your full payroll process. We manage the entire journey from employee registration to payment processing, pension contribution and query management. Less friction, lower costs and a better experience for your team.

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Make admin heavy payroll a thing of the past

Nobody has the time or the patience for a clunky, manual process. It just needs to get done correctly and on time.

One click is all it takes

All your team needs to do is approve shifts in the Nory app and we do the rest.

One click payroll is here.

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Fully managed payroll office

We’ve got the full payroll journey covered. From employee setup, compliance and enrolment to payment processing, payslip issuance and query management. Nory covers the lot. 

Your HR/people team now have the time to focus on retention, development and progression. Just like they want to be doing.

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24/7 query management & support

Our team will manage payroll queries and support 7 days a week via in app chat.

No more over and back on email threads during office hours to get answers. 

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