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From Business Intelligence to Inventory, Workforce & Payroll management. Nory offers the #1 platform to systemise and grow your operations.


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Pricing for businesses with 2 - 25 locations.

329€ 349$ 299£ /month

Per location, billed monthly


Custom pricing for businesses with 25+ locations.

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Don't want to take on the full Nory OS? Then pick what you need most.

INVENTORY management & supply chain

199€ 210$ 179£ /month

Per location, billed monthly

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WORKFORCE management & hr

130€ 139$ 120£ /month

Per location, billed monthly

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central production unit

299€ 329$ 279£ /month

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No matter what plan you choose, you get world class technology and support.

AI powered operations


AI that guides your teams to make the best operational decisions, day in, day out

Nory Onboarding always included


We manage the full onboarding and setup at no additional cost

Integrated tech stack


Fully integrated from POS to suppliers, payroll & accounts

It’s all in the details

Check out what Nory can offer your business.

Business intelligence

AI demand forecasting

Nory's AI will connect to your POS, pull in historical data and predict hourly revenue and menu item sales for all venues for 6 weeks into the future.

Live P&L reporting

Aggregate your performance data in real-time: Sales - (COGs + Labour) = Operating Profit, to give you a live P&L for all venues.

360 operational insights

Rich (and live) operational data across your business. People, product, profit and performance; a successful restaurant's scorecard.

Multi-region & franchise reporting

One login for multiple regions and business types. Oversee performance of your entire business, whether it's cross country or franchisee.

Inventory & Supply Chain

Mobile-first inventory management

Run all of your inventory worklows on mobile; counting, ordering, delivery acceptance, waste management and inventory transfers all done from your phone or tablet.

Integrated supply chain

EDI connections to key suppliers mean that procurement, catalogue and pricing management are digitised.

Automated accounts payable

Nory digitises supplier invoicing, credit note and accounts payable. Connect Nory to your accounting system for full procurement automation.

Inventory & purchasing reporting

360 view on inventory usage, performance and purchases.

AI predicted ordering & prep lists

Nory's AI uses demand forecasting to create smart order guides and prep list for venues and CPU's.

Invoice scanning (OCR)

For non-EDI suppliers, Nory offers OCR functionality to digitally manage invoicing and supplier payments.

Menu & recipe management

Model price changes and Gross Profits, get real-time alerts and changes on profitability on all dishes when pricing changes from suppliers.

Workforce & HR

Demand based scheduling

Nory's AI uses demand forecasts, labour budgets, local labour laws and historical schedule data to recommend optimal schedules to venue teams.

Labour cost controls

Fully grossed up labour costs with relevant taxation, accruals and entitlements means that your labour cost data in Nory matches your P&L. Set realistic budgets and stay on top of costs in real-time.

Mobile-first team management

Today's workforce is Gen Z dominant. Give them the mobile tools they want to engage with your brand. Communications, shift swaps, time off and feedback - all on mobile.

Employee performance management

Track and manage employee performance with up to date attendance data and feedback tools.

HR & engagement

The full employee lifecycle from recruitment to LTO tracking all in one place. Make your people the priority.

Compliance reporting

Rest periods, contracted hours, visa and right to work statuses all managed in Nory.

Tip management

Automated tip distribution and payment makes for fair, transparent and fast tip management.

E-sign & digital onboarding

Digitise your recruitment and onboarding journey with our mobile based onboarding tools.

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Fully managed payroll processing

Let Nory manage the full payroll journey; from employee setup, taxation/benefit registration to payment processing.

From 3.50 a payslip

Payroll and entitlement setup & compliance

Our payroll team ensures all team members and venues are compliant with local laws, we also ensure entitlements and benefits are setup and paid appropriately.

Expert query management & payroll support

Our payroll experts advise on entitlements, benefits and disputes. Get payroll support 24/7.

Payroll that scales with you

Get economies of scale in payroll, as you grow the cost reduces.

questions? WE’RE Glad you asked

Do I need to buy any new hardware to use Nory?

Nope! Nory works on your existing Windows and Mac devices as well as Android and Apple mobile devices. Download our mobile apps on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

What POS systems do you integrate with?

Nory’s all-in-one restaurant management platform offers integrations with the most widely used, best-of-breed POS platforms.

Do you charge for setup or implementation?

Never! Our job is to get you setup and ready for success and that’s on us. We don’t charge ANY fees for setup or implementation.

What other systems do you integrate with? Do you charge for this?

The Nory platform integrates across your operations – from Inventory Suppliers to Accounting, Payroll and Benefits platforms. Get in touch for a full list of our integrations. We do not charge for additional integrations.

What level of customer support does Nory offer?

Nory offers world class customer success & support services. We are operators first and foremost and understand that sh*t hits the fan late at night or on weekends. So we offer round the clock support for our partners, 7 days a week.

What countries is Nory available in?

Nory is your global operating system! We are currently available in the UK, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Meaning as you scale your operations globally Nory will partner with you all the way.