Clean Kitchen boosts GP by 4% with Nory’s crucial performance insights

Clean Kitchen boosts GP by 4% with Nory’s crucial performance insights



Reduction in labour costs


Increase in gross profits


“Our previous tech simply wasn’t able to drive the business forward. With Nory, everything is unified and working together. The results have been beyond what we expected.” 

Clean Kitchen started back in 2020 as a dark-kitchen operation, when Mikey Pearce began cooking and selling plant-based food from his Aunt’s kitchen during the COVID-19 lockdown. Having seen the physical and mental benefits of eating a plant-based diet, he wanted to make this food accessible to everyone. 

“Our vision is to change the future of food, creating plant-based meals that are accessible to everyone and sustainable for the planet. We want to provide a quick, easy, and clean solution to every meal.” Adam Jefferies, Head of Operations

Post-pandemic, the brand has now expanded into traditional brick-and-mortar restaurants. They have big plans on the horizon to expand and grow, keeping their mission to bring plant-based food to more people at the forefront of their efforts. 

The Problem

Before they found Nory, Clean Kitchen lacked the visibility to truly understand their business operations. They were hitting roadblocks because their systems and processes weren’t working together, making it hard to grow and improve the business.

Here were the main challenges: 

Complicated systems made it hard to access valuable data 

Before Nory, Clean Kitchen was using Access as their POS system. They found the system too complex and struggled to use it properly. They were missing valuable insights that could help the business grow. 

Standardising recipes, operations, stock counts, and processes also became a challenge. They didn’t have a single source of truth, making it hard for kitchen operators to align their approach.

“It was so complex. No one understood how to use the system properly because there was just too much. None of our recipes were aligned, even basic stock counts. We just weren’t getting where we needed to be.” 

Difficulty managing and scheduling labour 

Staff are essential to the success of any hospitality business. Improving the employee experience can increase engagement, retention, and improve the customer experience. But Clean Kitchen wasn’t hitting the mark when it came to scheduling and shift management. 

The restaurant simply didn’t have a system in place to manage labour effectively. They were using an Excel spreadsheet, which made it hard to optimise schedules and keep employees in the loop. 

“We didn’t have any labour management processes in place. We were doing schedules in Excel, which wasn’t ideal. Nory has improved our scheduling tenfold. It allows us to schedule based on demand. We can save money and ensure staff are aware of their shifts with the online app.” 

They needed something intuitive that could optimise their labour scheduling, deliver a better staff experience, and boost productivity. Fortunately, they found Nory. 

The Solution

Here’s how we helped CleanKitchen get ready to expand by improving their entire restaurant operation.

Full visibility of sales and performance in real-time

Clean Kitchen can now make quick and informed decisions to improve sales with access to real-time sales data. They use daily summaries to track performance each day, and can even break it down hour-by-hour to get into the nitty gritty of their financial performance

Having all this information in a central location has also helped Clean Kitchen align its processes, standardise recipes, and ensure customers get the best food possible. 

“Having that visibility and insight and being able to instantly adapt to what’s happening within the business is massive. We can make quick decisions to control our costs and ensure we’re delivering consistently good-quality food to our customers.”

User-friendly interface

The Clean Kitchen team got straight to work using Nory without needing hours of instruction. And the best part? They can make use of all the features because it’s simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate.

They also use Nory on multiple devices. Restaurant managers no longer have to sit at a laptop to review restaurant performance. They can pull out their phone, click the Nory app, and instantly see the most up-to-date information.

Optimising labour management to reduce costs

Clean Kitchen finally said goodbye to spreadsheets with Nory’s workforce management features. 

Restaurant managers now schedule shifts effectively, forecasting demand to schedule staff as efficiently as possible. It’s reduced their labour costs by £4.4k within the first three months of using Nory in one location, and all without compromising on the customer experience

Shift schedules are also accessible to employees. They can see when they’re due to work, and make requests if they need to change shifts. 

“We’ve seen a 10% improvement in labour management costs, mostly from understanding how to calculate NI and pension contributions as part of our budget.”

Improving stock management to increase GP by 4%

Using Nory has helped Clean Kitchen elevate its sustainability initiatives by reducing food waste. How? By improving stock management. 

With real-time access to restaurant data, Clean Kitchen sees a line-by-line breakdown of costs, usage, and profits from food items. They can now make informed decisions about how to improve their stock management, ensuring they only order the ingredients they need to reduce costs and minimise food waste.

Nory also recommends ideal inventory levels so that Clean Kitchen can meet customer demand without over-ordering ingredients. 

“​We’ve seen about a 4% decrease in the cost of goods sold (COGs) from having that visibility and traceability over our stock.”

What’s next for Clean Kitchen?  

Clean Kitchen has big plans for the future of the restaurant. They’re ramping up growth, aiming to open between 50 – 75 restaurants in the next two years. Their ultimate goal is to franchise around the world and grow a global brand.

Nory will be an essential part of this expansion. Our system will help the restaurant track performance, deliver consistency, and identify ways to increase profits as they start to grow and branch out across the UK and around the world. 

“Nory will be essential in the next phase of our business. We believe in the system, and we’ve seen how it fits what we need to grow as a business. It’ll ensure our franchisees are using the same system, and allow me to compare data across sites. We need Nory to expand successfully.” 

Not to mention, our seamless integration with Vita Moja (a POS system) will support CleanKitchen as it starts to scale. The system will simplify customer payments, centralise order management, and streamline operations across the entire business. 

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