How Griolladh grew their business size x3 by launching a successful franchise with Nory

How Griolladh grew their business size x3 by launching a successful franchise with Nory





Grew business by expanding restaurant franchise


Griolladh‘s story begins back in June 2020. Having been furloughed from their jobs during the pandemic, co-founders (Jacob and Jack) decided to start selling sandwiches. They created a brand, pitched up a trailer, and the rest is history.

Today, Griolladh has five locations in Ireland, with plans for further expansion across the country. 

The Challenge

As Griolladh embarked on their journey from a two-man operation to a burgeoning franchise, they encountered significant challenges in workforce management, technological scalability, and operational visibility.

Initially unprepared for the complexities of scaling their workforce, they sought a software solution to streamline hiring, onboarding, and employee engagement. Recognising the pivotal role of technology in their expansion, they needed a platform that could centralise data for easy access by franchisees, manage inventory, and facilitate customer transactions efficiently. 

Moreover, as the business grew, the need for real-time insights into sales performance, inventory management, and cost control became increasingly critical to inform strategic decisions and ensure sustained growth.

The Solution

Griolladh utilised Nory’s platform to gain essential visibility and control over their expanding operations, integrating seamlessly with Toast POS for comprehensive sales insight.

Nory facilitated a comprehensive view across various metrics such as menu sales, labour costs, and inventory management, all accessible from any device. This visibility was instrumental as Griolladh scaled, enabling them to effectively forecast sales, manage costs, and adapt strategies in real time. 

This strategic implementation allowed for real-time decision-making, with Nory’s AI capabilities playing a crucial role in forecasting demand and optimising labour. By predicting hourly sales with up to 95% accuracy, Griolladh was able to optimise spending, lowering costs and enhancing profit margins.

This seamless ecosystem made life easier for founders Jack and Jacob, empowering them to focus on franchising their business. 

“Nory has been with us every step of the way. It’s been incredibly helpful to the business, and has played pivotal role in the successful franchising of Griolladh.”

What’s next for Griolladh? 

With the help of Nory, Griolladh has laid the groundwork for a successful franchise. They have imminent plans to expand the business, branching out into other major metro cities around Ireland and the rest of the UK. Watch this space to see Griolladh serve delicious toasties to as many people up and down the country! 

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