Urban Greens: From Fragmented Tools to Nory's Unified Operating System



United Kingdom



Urban Greens is a three-location, quick service salad bar in London. Tossing together a range of 12 signature salads and refreshing bevs, Urban Greens is known as the home of London’s greatest salads, and we must agree: they’re simply the best. 

With ambitions to grow the brand to more locations, Urban Greens turned to Nory to streamline their operations and rapidly get control over key performance indicators that were previously overlooked!


Urban Greens had embedded Deputy as their workforce management provider from the jump. They had initially decided to implement MarketMan for Inventory Management, but after a challenging implementation, and lack of support throughout the process, they decided to move to Nory for Inventory. During onboarding, they realised the power of having all their operational data in one platform, Nory Workforce Management was a no-brainer to add on.


Nory’s simple rollout, always on, easy-to-access support, and easy-to-follow training provided to Urban Green’s 40 strong workforce left the team satisfied across their 3 locations.

“Within weeks, Nory consolidated our ordering flow to provide more visibility and free up countless hours of our managers time to focus on what really matters to us – delivering the highest quality product.” 

Anna, Operations Manager at Urban Greens also commented that, “For the first time, we have real-time data on purchase trends and price fluctuations, and we can see how that affects our cost of sales. The credit note feature, in particular, ensures we hold our suppliers accountable and makes delivery mistakes and shortages, a common headache, easy to manage.” Clearly, Nory is a welcome change from their original systems.  

“For the first time, we have real-time data across the business”

Last but certainly not least, Nory’s mobile-first approach to both inventory and workforce management has also ensured that all the team have the access to the tools and the data they need to run their venues effectively from anywhere. With a lean team that’s running at capacity, this has proved to be invaluable in their growth mission.