Pasta Cosa enhances labour productivity by 6% with Nory workforce management

Pasta Cosa enhances labour productivity by 6% with Nory workforce management


United Kingdom



Increase in sales per labour hour in Q1 2024


Pasta Cosa was born in 2016 when siblings Talia, Gerard and Kayliegh Baccino had a desire to offer pasta in a quick, convenient format. With a city centre location in the heart of Liverpool, Pasta Cosa creates a vibrant, bustling, and friendly atmosphere for friends and family to come together and enjoy traditional Italian food at affordable prices.

Being new to the hospitality industry, co-founder Kayleigh came across some unexpected challenges on their journey to success. 


The main issue was the inefficiency of using manual processes to manage scheduling. Pasta Cosa were using Excel spreadsheets to create schedules and track holidays, which was proving tricky to manage — especially when they started thinking about expanding.

Kayleigh flicked back and forth between spreadsheets, trying to figure out the best way to optimise the workforce and keep track of employee holidays. Not only was this challenging, but it also made it hard to record accurate information.

Without a clear oversight of schedules, Kayleigh also couldn’t track labour costs. She spent hours trying to compare labour costs with sales to track performance and profits, but it was almost impossible. 

It simply wasn’t sustainable. They needed restaurant software to centralise their labour management and provide real-time updates as the business grew. 


With Nory’s restaurant scheduling software, Pasta Cosa now has accurate and reliable insights into its workforce management. Responsible for overseeing operations, Kayleigh can now see when staff are working, what holidays they have coming up, and figure out how to effectively allocate shifts based on skills and availability. 

As the business grows, these features make it easier for Kayleigh to manage a distributed workforce and ensure optimal staffing across different locations. 

Nory’s restaurant tech has also provided Pasta Cosa with access to sales and performance data in real-time. They make instant, informed, and strategic decisions about workforce planning and other areas of the business (like menu optimisation, inventory management, and labour productivity).

This newfound control over workforce operations has led to a 6% increase in productivity in Q1 2024. 

“Implementing Nory revolutionised our operations. The real-time data allows us to make informed decisions about labour costs, scheduling, and inventory management.”

Future growth for Pasta Cosa

Pasta Cosa has big plans to grow, focusing on opening more locations (and potentially franchising) to expand the business. They’re even opening a new arm of the business, “Francies”, in May 2024. 

Nory’s restaurant management software will be there every step of the way, ensuring labour management and operational efficiency remain solid as they scale.

Our success has been driven by our adaptability, our strong brand, and our commitment to invest in technologies like Nory that streamline operations and support growth.