Passyunk Avenue Achieve 26% Reduction in Cost of Labour Across its Locations

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Cost of Labour


Passyunk Avenue is a chain of authentic American-style dive bars across London. You may know Passyunk Ave for its legendary Philadelphia cheesesteaks (the best we’ve ever had), for being the #1 rated American restaurant in London, or for its relaxed, divey vibes. Designed for expats and American food-lovers alike to hang out, guzzle down US-imported beer, eat classic comfort food, embrace Philly culture, and enjoy sporting events like the Superbowl in. All things we can get behind. 

With five bustling London locations and a popular at-home offering, the team at Passyunk Avenue turned to Nory to help remove manual work from the shoulders of their teams and improve their stock management process. And, of course, we said, “Yes, chef”. 


Before rolling out Nory, Daniel, COO at Passyunk, was spending hours each week deep in Excel trying to monitor costs and inventory that was on hand (a ton of cheese, steaks, and chicken wings, no doubt). Not to mention having to manage staff rosters on top of all that, using Deputy rota software. As they continued to grow, it wasn’t going to be possible to keep up with the status quo any longer. Daniel and his team wanted and needed to implement one central control point for inventory and workforce, reducing the time they’d have to spend on admin each week. Enter: Nory. 


From tackling a large workforce management workload to getting control of inventory – each piece of the Passyunk puzzle gradually came together. Adding performance tracking and reporting abilities into the mix, Daniel was satisfied with how “simple and effective” Nory was in keeping an eye on and managing complex aspects of the business. Nory quickly became key to making informed decisions to help Passyunk grow.

“Nory is worth every penny.

Since implementing Nory, Passyunk Ave has seen a 26% cost of labour reduction across its locations, this increase in bottom line profitability has enabled the brand to continue to grow and open flagship venues around London. A game changer for the team at Passyunk Ave. 

Real-time labour cost insights have become invaluable to the team – and staff rosters are now a breeze. Nory has made everyone at Passyunk Avenue’s lives easier – Daniel included. “Knowing what’s out there, and for what price and complexity, I’d say Nory is worth every penny”, Daniel said.