In this series we get to know the team behind Nory. What are they working on? What’s on their bucket list? Do they have the culinary skills to pay the bills!?

Describe yourself in one sentence

Empathetic, love entrepreneurship and getting out in nature.

What do you do at Nory?

As Operations Manager I work on all parts of the customer facing sides of the business. From when we first reach out to potential customers as prospects, to onboarding, to ensuring they experience maximum value in BAU. 

Favourite thing you have worked on?

We hired our first sales team last December. It was a really exciting challenge to hire great people and develop our outbound process from scratch. Since then we have established a consistent pipeline of fantastic brands who have become our partners. It has been very exciting to see how much Nory resonates with our partners as a solution to operating a successful hospitality brand. This also comes with a huge sense of responsibility as they are trusting us to help them manage their business. Watching a partner relationship grow from a cold outreach email through to delivering them a solution that elevates their business is highly rewarding.

If you could release one feature tomorrow what would it be?

I’d love it if we could start attributing restaurant customer reviews to the staff who served them. It would be a great way of ensuring great service gets recognised and also be a really interesting way to develop consistency across brand locations.

Who’s at your dream dinner party and why?

I am a massive podcast person. I think it’s incredible that you can get an in depth insight into the smartest people in every field and learn what’s interesting and important to them at this time. Right now I really like the All-In podcast which is a handful of VC friends talking about the issues of the week. They would be a fun crew to hang out with!