Announcing our $2M Pre-Seed

Today’s a big day for everyone at Nory! We’re delighted to announce that we’ve completed our Pre-Seed, a $2M round led by Cavalry VC and Playfair CapitalEnterprise Ireland and strategic angel investors from Europe and the USA also participated in the round.

Nory was founded with a mission to revolutionise how restaurants are run around the world. Restaurants are hugely complex businesses to get right. They are part data science, part logistics management and part theatre orchestration. They are incredibly fast-moving and oftentimes, dizzying places to work.

Our ambition was to create a product that made pulling this disjointed world together effortless while empowering these businesses to be laser-focused and data-centric at every turn.

We are less than 9 months old, but we have already seen how drastically we can impact our customers’ lives. We have delivered >30% increases in EBITDA, thousands of hours in time savings and unlocked new ways of working.

We are going to use this capital to support our product and company growth, to ensure that every one of our customers experiences the ROI we know we can deliver, and to speed up the onboarding of our growing waitlist!

We are hiring for multiple positions across our team, from Machine Learning Engineers to Strategic Partnerships. If you’re game to help define a future of work for an entire industry, tackle some crazy hard problems and work with some of the most innovative and driven people you could find… then hit us up!

We founded Nory to democratise game-changing AI & automation for the masses.

Our goal is to build a product that will enable all restaurants, whatever their size or segment, future proof the sustainability and profitability of their businesses. The last few months have stoked the fire massively in us, the market demand and the user impact we have seen gives us huge confidence in achieving our mission.

Finally, I would like to thank the entire team at Nory; who tirelessly tackle mountains and run through challenges all day, every day. Also our new investors for taking the leap and believing in us, and of course our customers who have faced some of their darkest days in over the last 12 months.

It’s GO time!