Performance management

Nory's AI works 24/7 to make sure your restaurants are performing to their best.

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Product features

  • AI generated action lists

    Help your managers stay focused and execute key tasks in seconds with our daily action lists and AI generated performance recommendations.

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  • Predictive performance tracking

    Stay ahead of the curve with Nory’s AI demand forecasting. We predict hourly sales within 90-95% accuracy. Never be caught out again.

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  • Automated reporting from head office to location

    Save time and keep everyone in the loop with automated brand and location level reporting.

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Consistent performance = consistent margins.

  • AI performance tracking

  • Demand forecasting

  • Automated reporting

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More ways we can help!

  • Inventory

    Whether its dynamic par levels or automated invoice management. We will save your teams hundred's of hours

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  • Workforce

    From mobile onboarding to smart scheduling & payroll. Take the effort out of compliance and engagement.

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