Nory Successfully Transforms Workforce Management for Viva Italia Group

Viva Italia Group Location

Viva Italia Group is a leading UK-based hospitality group made up of six individual brands including Tony Macaroni, T2G, Nardini, Banca di Roma, and Doppio Malto.

Viva Italia was founded out of a passion for fresh Italian food. The group now employs a growing team of over 700 individuals across their 25+ sites throughout Scotland and Northern Ireland. Impressive, right?


From restaurants, pizzerias, and cafes to wine and cocktail bars, the group is covering a lot of ground – which means a lot of work. With a team so big, staff scheduling became a nightmare when previous software stopped meeting needs. Historically, the group used Synergy to manage staffing but as the business grew, cracks began to show. Blockers in different shapes and sizes kept cropping up. From issue-causing system updates and delayed customer service responses to in-premise communication hardware that prohibited a quick DM to staff. The system quickly became inefficient for Viva Italia Group’s needs. 

In search of a better system and real-time support for their growing hospitality group, Viva Italia turned to Nory and a lasting partnership was born!

“Nory has transformed the group’s operations, making it a trendsetter in the modern hospitality landscape.”

Liam Simmons, Operations Manager


Now, new team members are onboarded seamlessly. Within minutes, in fact. No more painful paperwork and long onboarding lead-ins. Teams can access and manage shifts on the go and the entire Viva Italia workforce is now fully integrated with their POS. Resulting in real-time cost of labour visibility and enabling better business decisions. Magic! (Not really, just Nory.) Internal teams love testing out fresh, new features like instant messaging, and are actually using them in their day-to-day.

“We’re handling approximately 300 employee requests every month via Nory. Keeping this all in one place allows our managers to stay focused on what’s important to running their restaurants.”

Liam Simmons, Operations Manager

Last but not least, the team at Viva Italia love Nory’s “great customer service and communication”. If there are system issues (sorry, we’re human too!), they appreciate how they’re fixed swiftly and efficiently.