Masa accurately forecasts sales within a 3% margin using Nory

Masa accurately forecasts sales within a 3% margin using Nory

Masa: the dough made from maize flour and used to make tortillas. 

It is also one of Dublin’s most popular restaurants. Founded by Shane Gleeson, inspired by his Mexican travels, Masa has 2 sites in the city centre, and is bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to Ireland.

But as with any popular and growing brand, especially those in hospitality, with success came challenges. Let’s explore those challenges and dig deeper into how partnering with Nory helped to drive increased efficiency and profitability.


Amidst growth, like many others in the hospitality sector, Masa encountered significant challenges. The most pressing being the constant rise in operational costs including the cost of goods, utility expenses and the cost of labour. All of this set against a backdrop of lower consumer confidence in the economy makes it difficult for any business to succeed. 

The challenge was compounded by existing systems like MarketMan and Bizimply, which failed to offer comprehensive insights due to a lack of integration, leaving Masa in need of a unified solution to navigate the cost of labour and inventory management effectively.

Masa had to ensure they had the right systems in order to take back control and minimise risk.


By managing workforce, inventory and performance in a singular platform, Masa has gained invaluable insights into its financial landscape, enabling more informed decision-making and resource allocation. Add to that a seamless integration with Toast, their POS system, and it’s a win-win-win.

By the third month post-implementation, Masa has forecasted sales within a 3% margin. This newfound precision has instilled confidence in Masa’s financial planning and allowed for more proactive strategies and budget optimisation. 

Following the implementation phase, Masa has been able to control their labour to within 1% of what they’d planned – providing them with the control they needed. 

These insights are empowering Masa to maintain optimal staffing levels while minimising unnecessary expenses, ultimately driving profitability and sustainability. Plus, it’s saving huge amounts of time!

“Constantly being able to see what your sales are, what your cost of labour is — and trusting that is really valuable”

Shane Gleeson, owner and founder, Masa

What’s next for Masa?

As Masa continues to grow, and provide the best food and service possible – Nory remains a trusted ally, providing the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of modern hospitality with ease and confidence.

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