Josie's Achieve 23% Labour Cost Reduction in 4 Months with Nory

Josie's Success Story

Josie’s is a beloved, family-run group of independent coffee shops in the UK. They serve up specialty coffee, tea, and bangin’ all-day breakfast and brunch. With five locations, and plans for even more in the future, the chain currently employs more than 130 staff. Each cafe is open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, pastries and, of course, a great cup of coffee.


Before implementing Nory across its venues, Josie’s struggled to get true visibility on business performance. Its operations systems were split between Bizimply for workforce and Zonal for inventory management. Using two separate systems made rostering and managing inventory to meet demand bloody difficult. Not ideal. So, the team turned to Nory for help – and we accepted the challenge.


Addressing two of its main concerns, our team onboarded Josie’s for workforce and inventory management in 2023. Since then, workforce and inventory management have been completely streamlined, business performance has soared, and overall needs have been met. 

Originally, Josie’s used a templated roster for each of its venues which led to inefficiencies the team were obviously keen to address. Since implementing Nory’s integrated workforce solution, Josie’s has been able to drive huge improvements in efficiency: reducing cost of labour by 23% in just four months. Coupled with a rise in sales, Josie’s has seen a massive increase in productivity: with sales per labour hour increasing by 20.5% in a short space of time. Overall, Josie’s is seeing impressive net profit increases using Nory. A major win for this family-run business.

Nory inventory management has also helped manage stock efficiently and reduce waste and time spent dealing with suppliers through the system’s built-in ordering tool. 

Access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager within Nory also allows Josie’s to stay in the loop on all new product developments and keep a finger on the pulse of ever-changing industry trends.

“Amazing how quickly you got us up to speed. The new app is great!”

All in all, embracing Nory has been absolutely transformative for the team at Josie’s with a dedicated implementation plan and team making the transition from previous tools seamless. Josie’s management team now has real-time insight into labour efficiency metrics and the ability to engage staff en-masse through Nory’s messaging tools, alongside better visibility on inventory performance across all locations. Josie’s have regained plenty of free time to focus on the bigger picture: growing the business.