I AM DÖNER boosts productivity by 7% by unifying processes with Nory

I AM DÖNER boosts productivity by 7% by unifying processes with Nory

Originating in Leeds, Paul Baron (founder and Michelin-starred chef) wanted to make the döner kebab more than a guilty pleasure after a night out. 

Today, I am Döner (aka ‘the better kebab’) is taking the UK and international markets by storm. And it’s just the beginning for the brand that is now franchising. I am Döner has scaled quickly with six UK sites, as well as opening in Dubai (and Canada shortly). 

The Problem

The rapid expansion of I am Doner presented operational challenges. Disparate workforce management systems led to inefficiencies, compounding the difficulty of managing a growing franchise. 

The lack of real-time sales data hindered effective labour cost management, often resulting in over or understaffing. Additionally, a cumbersome onboarding process for new hires threatened staff engagement from the outset.

I am Döner unifies processes with Nory grows sales per labour hour by 7%

The Solution

Nory’s integrated workforce management platform became the linchpin for I am Döner’s operational overhaul. How? By allowing the company to manage its workforce in one location. 

They can onboard employees, store all HR documentation, and manage employee schedules — facilitating demand-based scheduling to optimise wage spending. 

Nory’s seamless integration with Vita Mojo combines an innovative POS system with an AI-powered operations management platform. The result? I am Döner can unify their operations even more. 

Having one centralised platform means better operational control for I am Döner. They can track real-time sales data, meaning they can manage daily revenue, staffing, and supply chains across all locations. This means they can make informed and strategic decisions about growth as their business expands. 

Looking ahead, I am Döner is all set for further expansion, with plans to open more sites internationally and enhance their franchise model. 

Nory remains a central pillar in supporting our growth and operational excellence.

Bridie Fox, Head of Operations at I am Döner

What’s next for I am Döner?

The partnership between I am Döner and Nory not only illustrates the transformative power of integrating advanced operational systems in hospitality, but also sets a precedent for how technology can drive efficiency, profitability, and scalability.

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