Nory & Vita Mojo: Supercharge Your Hospitality Business

Looking to centralize your restaurant operations, reduce costs, and effortlessly increase profitability? Nory and Vita Mojo have joined forces to provide an unbeatable partnership, combining an innovative POS system with an AI-powered operations management platform, offering a unified, future-proof solution for ambitious hospitality brands.

Why Choose Nory and Vita Mojo?

seamlessly streamline operations and optimize decision-making, allowing you to reduce waste, enhance efficiency, and enjoy smooth integration across all areas of your restaurant

Seamless Guest Experience Across All Touchpoints

Unify your operations with Vita Mojo’s system – manage all orders and updates across channels effortlessly. Simplify operations and enhance guest experiences with our streamlined, tablet-free solution.

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Insightful Synergy for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Leverage the synergy between Nory’s advanced analytics and Vita Mojo’s order and loyalty management. Uncover powerful insights and personalise customer experiences to enhance profitability and loyalty.

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Profit Maximization with Data-Driven Decisions

Increase revenue by taking orders from a range of branded, ATV-boosting digital ordering channels. Nudge guests towards higher profit margin items without sacrificing speed or convenience.

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