They took our jobs! Or did they? The future (and the now) of intelligent automation in Hospitality

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Conor Sheridan

We don’t have to look far to find content describing the future of artificial intelligence and automation in the hospitality sector. Robot chefs, robot servers and flying drone delivery drivers fill up headlines and blog titles across the web.

A giant metal arm is cooking my steak? But how do I pay compliments to the chef?

A swarm of drones are releasing parachuted pizza boxes above suburbia? What happens if Karen next door sees me struggling to cut down my fifth air-borne dinner this week… the shame.

It can all sound a little dystopian and far-fetched, but the reality is, this future is pretty much here.

This form of intelligent automation gets most of the press, good and bad, and there is a growing fear that it will permanently displace service and gig economy workers around the globe.

And straight up, it will.

But other forms exist that are designed to empower hospitality workforces, not remove them. This is the space that we operate in.

For the leading operators in the sector, hospitality means designing and delivering an awesome experience for your customers. From the design and flow of dining spaces, to the music, the atmosphere and delivering the goods with a smile, hospitality done right is as much art as it is science (or robotics). Customers will always search out engaging, memorable and personable experiences. This won’t change.

For us at Nory, intelligent automation doesn’t mean replacing people to cut costs, it means leveraging cutting edge AI to empower businesses and their teams to be more productive, make better decisions and 10x their current customer experience. This is how you win.

For example, imagine a busy restaurant or bar where the management team spends over 50% of their time on tedious and repetitive administrative tasks:

  • Time spent on weekly sales forecasting and business reporting
  • Time spent on creating, changing and re-creating staff schedules
  • Time spent counting inventory, placing and reconciling orders…

You see where this is going… there’s no getting around it. There is a sh*t load of repetitive work to be done in a hospitality setting, it’s the nature of the beast.

Don’t get us wrong, these are all incredibly important parts of running a successful and profitable business, but it’s not where you want your Tom Bradys to be focusing all of their energy and thinking time.

What if there was another way? (Spoiler: there is).

What if there was a product that understood all the nuances of your business and could carry out all that repetitive work to the same or higher standard? (Spoiler: there is).

What if your management teams could take their days and weeks back to focus on your people and your customers? (Spoiler: they can).

At Nory, this is our mission. We want to empower your teams to not only perform better, but to have their time and focus back.

We want to make it all a little more personable and a little less robotic.