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Introducing Nory Pay: The Automated Hospitality Payroll Solution

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Introducing Nory Pay: The Automated Hospitality Payroll Solution

By Nory - January 30, 2024

What is Nory Pay? A Fresh Approach to Hospitality Payroll

Less friction, lower costs, and a better experience for your team. What more could you ask for?

Ready to transform your payroll process? Meet Nory Pay, our innovative hospitality payroll software. 

Part of Nory’s dynamic Workforce Management & HR toolkit and powered by Outmin, Nory Pay revolutionises the way the hospitality businesses handle payroll. How? By delivering the full payroll journey in a single tap. 

Your teams approve payroll in their Nory app and we do the rest. 

Nory manages employee setup and enrolment, processes payroll, file and manage taxes and issues payslips – all automatically from that one tap approval. 

Why Choose Nory Pay for Your Hospitality Payroll?

Nory Pay is more than just software; it’s your payroll ally. Designed specifically for the hospitality industry, it focuses on what really matters — your team. It’s all about enhancing engagement, increasing retention, and making payroll a breeze.

Here are the top features:

Improve Day-to-Day Hospitality Payroll Management

Improve the efficiency of your day-to-day payroll tasks with Nory Pay. Increase accuracy in payroll calculations, control payment processing, speed up the payroll management process, and spend more time focusing on other areas of your hospitality business. 

Create Employee Payroll Files

Keep track of all employee payroll information by creating individual employee files and keeping them up to date. Record salaries, benefits, holidays, pensions, and more in a central location. 

File Payroll Taxes with HMRC

Let go of the stress and worry of payroll taxes with Nory Pay. Our internal HR and payroll bureau handles all the reporting to HMRC or the Irish Revenue Commissioners in real-time so you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or submitting the wrong information. 

Prepare Gross-to-Net reports

Generate Gross-to-Net reports to compare employees’ gross and net pay between pay periods. If unexpected changes occur, you can check the information to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date. 

Onboard Companies and Employees

Simplify the onboarding process for new companies and employees. Allow clients and new hires to access crucial business information to ensure a smooth and efficient integration with your operations.

Revolutionise Team Engagement and Retention

Labour turnover in hospitality? Time to turn that around! With Nory Pay, gain valuable insights, gather feedback, and set realistic targets that encourage your team to stick around.

Reward Employees to Boost Engagement and Increase Retention

In the bustling world of hospitality, your team is your biggest asset. Nory Pay ensures they’re rewarded promptly and accurately, all while adding a bit of fun to the process. We make rewarding your team straightforward and stress-free.

Access Responsive Communication and Support

Access quick and effective support for all your payroll queries promptly. Our team, supported by Outmin’s expertise, will provide answers to your questions and resolutions to your needs.

Simplify Your Hospitality Payroll with Nory Pay

Nory Pay is the future of hospitality payroll. It isn’t just a tool; it’s a revolution in payroll management. Clocking in is as easy as checking your phone, and payroll management is a walk in the park!

Join us and make payroll the highlight of your hospitality business.

Contact us to learn more 👋

FAQs About Nory Pay

What part of the employee pay journey does Nory Pay cover? 

Nory pay covers the entire employee pay journey. This includes: 

  • Calculating payroll figures and related taxes
  • Issuing payslips
  • Preparing Gross-to-Net reports
  • Creating employee payroll files
  • Processing payments
  • Filing payroll taxes with HMRC

How does Nory Pay stand out among other hospitality payroll software?

We manage the entire payroll management process in a central location. We prepare payroll, submit tax information to HMRC, submit pension details to Nest (and auto enrol staff to Nest directly), and send employees payslips through the Nory app — and this is just to name a few of our features!

Beyond our software features, simplicity is really where we shine. Our software is intuitive and easy to use, meaning that you can make your payroll processes more efficient without having to wrap your head around a complicated piece of technology. 

What features of Nory Pay help with employee retention in the hospitality industry?

Labour turnover rates are high in the hospitality industry. With Nory Pay, you can encourage employees to stick around with these features: 

  • Provide accurate payments 
  • Schedule payments on time 
  • Digitise and simplify payroll requests 
  • Reward employees for hard work, skill development, and achieving goals 

Can Nory Pay easily integrate with my existing hospitality management systems?

Nory Pay does integrate with existing hospitality management systems, like Lightspeed and Vita Mojo. Get in touch with the team to see if we can integrate with the platform you use. 

How responsive is Nory Pay’s support for hospitality payroll queries?

Very! We prioritise your experience, ensuring that we offer help and support as and when you need it. Our team, supported by Outmin’s expertise, aims to respond to all queries in as quickly as possible. 

Do you handle all tax reporting? 

Yes, all reporting to HMRC or the Irish Revenue Commissioners is in real-time and handled by our internal HR and payroll bureau. 

Do you handle employee pensions? 

Yes, we can handle end-to-end enrolment and management of pension contributions through Nest.