Meet the Crew: Offer Sharabi

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In this series we get to know the team behind Nory. What are they working on? What’s on their bucket list? Do they have the culinary skills to pay the bills!?


1. What do you do at Nory?

Head of Engineering at Nory, although titles mean less in a startup. Working for a startup is like working on a building site and you help when it is needed.

Or in another way it’s like going in to the kitchen to cook something and realize that there is no oven, or in fact, that actually, there is no kitchen.. And there you are, needing to make a decision: should I order in? (equivalent to a quick hack that would solve your hunger now), or should I build a kitchen…


2. Favourite thing you have worked on?

Hard to choose really! Probably fleshing out a new app that we are going to launch for restaurant employees. Seeing it moving from design to a delivery plan, hiring people for it and building a team around it is rather rewarding!


3. If you could release one feature tomorrow what would it be?

Just one? Automated ordering is high on my list. This is basically Nory being able to create a shopping basket from restaurant’s items and suppliers and suggesting them to the managers at the restaurant. The app does it by bridging the gap between your stock levels (current state) and itemised sales predictions (future state) using Suppliers’ ordering rules; Nory smarts !


4. Who’s at your bucket list dinner party and why?

If it is more about the food then probably Bob Dylan; The man hardly opens his mouth at his shows, and when he does it’s golden. Dan Harmon for the opposite reasons (just finger food, tons of laughter), and lastly George R. R. Martin so we can scold him for the last 3 seasons of GoT. Yes, I am still not over it.


5. What’s your date night dish ?

Hard one actually. When going out then probably a start like oysters and a fish fillet or seafood pasta. I’m less of a dessert person, but if there is a cheesecake on the menu, I am all in.

If I am cooking then this is top secret 🙂