Meet the Crew: Jakub Rajek

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In this series we get to know the team behind Nory. What are they working on? What’s on their bucket list? Do they have the culinary skills to pay the bills!?


1. What do you do at Nory?

I’m a Product Designer which means that my job is to learn about our users’ problems and come up with solutions that solve them. However, in a start-up we tend to wear many hats. I’ve done everything from customer support to redesigning our website (coming soon!).


2. What’s your favourite thing you have worked on?

Something I’m working on right now actually. We’re building an inventory management product which will allow our users to efficiently control their costs and save tonnes of time! 

I’ve been involved in the project from the very start so it’s incredibly rewarding seeing it come together, can’t wait to get it into our customers hands.


3. If you could release one feature tomorrow, what would it be?

Automated order guide 100%. We learned that ordering too much can lead to food waste but ordering too little can lead to poor customer experiences (imagine going to a restaurant and they’re out of your favourite dish!) 

We’re looking to help managers hit that sweet spot of ordering the ideal amount by forecasting sales of each menu item and informing them of the ingredients they’ll need. 

It’s going to be a game changer.


4. What’s your date night dish?

Eating out I’d go for an Italian. Maybe Parmigiana for main and Tiramisu for dessert (I never skip dessert).

My go to make at home dish is Nasi Goreng with tofu. Extra spicy 🌶


5. One off your bucket list..

Move to West Cork, grow my own food and never wear shoes again.