Meet the Crew: Alan McCarthy

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In this series we get to know the team behind Nory. What are they working on? What’s on their bucket list? Do they have the culinary skills to pay the bills!?


1. What do you do at Nory?

I am a backend software dev. I joined as a data engineer, and my background is machine learning engineer. But we’re a start up so we all wear lots of different hats.


2. What’s your favourite thing you have worked on?

I built the back end api for a handy little feature called popular shifts, that lets users drag and drop shifts onto their schedule that they use all the time. Like a 9am-5pm shift, for example. It’s a fairly innocuous feature, but it’s my favourite because how well the team and I worked together. We perfected the dance, planning the contracts, refining the complexities and building everything really quickly. Felt like the culmination of working together for 6 months and getting the process down!


3. What’s your favourite meme?

Has to be this cat.

This cat seen some shit. I’ve been there little cat, I’ve been there.


4. Who’s at your dream dinner party and why?

Beyoncé. Who else?


5. What’s your date night dish?

What’s your date night dish? Well first can I just say how nice it is that someone thinks I go on enough dates to have a date night dish. But if I did have to impress someone, I’d go for that Korean chicken game. Soak some chicken mini fillets in buttermilk and spices over night. Batter and deep fry. Serve with gochujang sauce. And then some ssamjang cheesey fries on the side, topped with kimchi. Can’t beat it.